Finding the Best Dress for your Body Shape

With your big day looming, we know that one of your key priorities will be to find a dress that you love, and with so many styles, cuts and colours available from a multitude of designers - it can be hard, and sometimes overwhelming to find ‘The One’, or even to know where to start looking!

One great tip to help you in your search is to opt for a style that will complement your body shape, and with a range of styles and cuts available, we’re sure that you’ll find one that you love...

Here are some of our top tips for finding the best dress for your body shape...

Pear Shaped

As one of the more common body shapes, pear shaped brides often want to showcase the smallest part of their midsection and draw attention away from the lower half of their body.

With this in mind, take a look at A-line style gowns with an eye-catching top to draw attention to your torso, paired with a skirt that flows away from your body. We especially love adding a modern twist to the style with some clever pattern work, just like on Floral Fever from the Wild at Heart Collection, however, if you’re on the search for a more simple style, look no further than Golden Girl.
Floral Fever Golden Girl

To elevate your bridal style or to make a bolder statement, take a look at incorporating a belt or some delicate jewellery such as the Virginia Sash, the Balmoral pendant or the Berkley pendant. 


As one of the most desired body shapes, we often meet brides that want to showcase their curves for their big day, and complement the very feminine, Hollywood starlet style that they wish to portray.   

With this in mind, we’d recommend opting for a dress that showcases your trim midsection and shows off your fabulous curves. Mermaid style dresses are great options that stay close to your curvy frame and show them off in style, whilst skimming past any bits that you’d rather not highlight.  

Take a look at Infamous Beauty from the Into the Limelight Collection for a dramatic and modern twist on the style, paired with light contemporary lace and illusion beading for an additional glamorous touch to your bridal look, or alternatively, for a more traditional look, opt for Frangipani from the Passage to India Collection, paired with an illusion back for an eye-catching addition that keeps the focus on the bits that you love. 
Infamous Beauty Frangipani


If your body shape is more apple, there are a number of styles that you can try to find your perfect fit.  

Take a look at dresses with a column silhouette for a figure-flattering style to boost your confidence on your big day, whilst skimming over any bits that you’d prefer to hide. Plunging & sweetheart necklines are another great element to draw focus upwards whilst enhancing your bridal style. 

Styles such as Pure Grace and Summer Nights are options that works effortlessly to draw attention to your torso and help to highlight your waistline.  
Pure Grace Summer Nights

Alternatively for those looking for a more party-friendly option, opt for exploring a tea-length dress style, such as Daisy Dreams which draws the attention away from your midsection and showcases your skinny pins!  

For an added extra, take a look at incorporating a bit of added glamour with an encrusted sash like the Renata Sash for some all-out glitz.  
Renata Sash

Athletic/Slim & Straight

In comparison to a more curvy body shape, we also see many brides visiting the showroom with a more athletic frame. Athletic brides often want to create the illusion of more prominent, feminine curves for their big day, in order to enhance their bridal look.  

With this in mind, opt to take a look at a more form-fitting style such as a sheath cut dress such as Casablanca Lily from the Wild at Heart Collection, which hugs your frame but skims over any bits that you’d prefer to hide.  

Illusion panels like on the Cosmopolitan dress from the Into the Limelight Collection are also a great way to accentuate your athletic frame, as they help to enhance the romantic look to your bridal style by showcasing a sliver of skin in a tasteful way.  
Casablanca Lily Cosmopolitan

Accentuate your look by incorporating a belt to cinch you in at the waist, as well as add some extra glitz and glamour to your overall bridal style. Take a look at the Art Deco sash for a timeless piece, or alternatively, the Virginia Sash is a perfect option for those looking for something more understated. 


With a petite body frame, ideally you want to opt for dresses that won’t overwhelm you such as ball gowns and princess dresses. To complement your petite frame, take a look at gowns with a column-style dress that stays close to your body in order to visually create height.  

Arizona Rose is a perfect option for petite brides who are looking for a gown that complements their silhouette whilst incorporating glitz and glamour for a Hollywood style look. Alternatively, for those wanting to make an impact on their big day, look no further than Moonrise Star from the Into the Limelight Collection.  
Arizona Rose Moonrise Star

Plus Size/Curvy

If you’re a curvier bride, work it with confidence! Our advice is to showcase your best assets and make them the focal point of your bridal look.  

Take a look at dresses with a scoop or V neckline in order to draw the eye upwards and draw focus to the dėcolletage and bust area. The scooped neckline on Cosmopolitan (Into the Limelight Collection) paired with the illusion panel creates an eye-catching and romantic look to any bridal style.  

If you’re looking for a more alternative look, a sixties style tea dress is a great way to enhance your curves, whilst showcasing legs (and more importantly, show-stopping footwear!) Take a look at Hollywood Boulevard for a simple but yet romantic style that oozes red carpet appeal.  

For more of a boho/beachy look, opt for a gown with a loose sheath silhouette such as Ghost Whisper from the Wild at Heart Collection. We especially love this choice for those who are looking to incorporate subtle details into their bridal look, due to the back of the gown creating an eye-catching focal point.  

And don’t forget, all of our dresses can be customised, with capes, boleros, sleeves etc to really compliment your shape and style! 
Ghost Whisper Daisy Dreams

Most importantly...

You should feel your best in your wedding dress, regardless of any external factors including if a particular dress suits your body shape, and our team are experts in helping you achieve your desired look for your wedding day. We can take any dress (or even a combination of dresses!) and customise them to help you find your dream gown and make you feel a million dollars! 

Book your initial consultation today to explore our beautiful range of silk gowns on your search for ‘The One’. As always, we love to see your photos with your beautiful bridal look, share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and inspire other real brides.