Product Care

Product Care - Jewellery, Tiaras & Headpieces

Please care for any Ivory & Co product as you might any other items made from precious metals : for best results please keep your items in the protective packaging provided as moisture in the air can tarnish metals as you may have noticed with silver picture frames and jewellery.

Our products can be cleaned in the same way as other jewellery - Ivory & Co recommends Jonelle silver jewellery cleaning dip and polishing cloths for silver items. Tiaras and jewellery featuring pearls are better cleaned with a polishing cloth as some dips can damage pearls.

Gold tiaras and jewellery can be cleaned using a gold jewellery dip available from most large supermarkets and rhodium plated items will not need cleaning as they will not tarnish (but could benefit from sonic cleaning every decade to retain the shine).

Please note that hairspray or perfume applied directly to the tiara or jewellery will cause discolouration and can irreversibly damage these precious metals. Ivory & Co will not be responsible for replacing items damaged in this way.

Product Care - Wedding Veils

To ensure your veil looks its best on your wedding day please hang as soon as possible to let creases unfold. Even severe creases will disappear with hanging time. Do not hang in direct sunlight. (It is best to hang it in a dress/dry cleaning bag to ensure that it stays clean and dust free).

If some creases remain, they can be removed by using a steamer or ironing on a very low heat. Please take care not to tear the veil fabric when removing the hangtag as the tulle is delicate.