All Ivory & Co. jewellery is meticulously designed and crafted to provide the perfect finishing touch for brides looking for the highest quality bridal accessories. Design influences range from elaborate vintage styles to more contemporary creations offering a varied range.


pasadena gold earrings
Pasadena Gold Earrings
promise gold bracelet
Promise Gold Bracelet
sorbonne gold pendant
Sorbonne Gold Pendant
sorbonne gold earrings
Sorbonne Gold Earrings
blossom rose bracelet
Blossom Rose Bracelet
elegance rose bracelet
Elegance Rose Bracelet
belmont rose pendant
Belmont Rose Pendant
sorbonne rose earrings and pendant
Sorbonne Rose Earrings and Pendant
modena rose bracelet
Modena Rose Bracelet
montgomery rose pendant
Montgomery Rose Pendant
montgomery rose earrings
Montgomery Rose Earrings
montgomery rose earrings and pendant
Montgomery Rose Earrings and Pendant
moonstruck rose pendant
Moonstruck Rose Pendant
moonstruck rose earrings
Moonstruck Rose Earrings
moonstruck rose earrings and pendant
Moonstruck Rose Earrings and Pendant
pasadena rose pendant
Pasadena Rose Pendant
pasadena rose earrings
Pasadena Rose Earrings
pasadena rose earrings and pendant
Pasadena Rose Earrings and Pendant
promise rose bracelet
Promise Rose Bracelet