Gold Collection
This is our Gold collection of jewellery. Each piece has been designed with a warmer tone in mind. These designs are ideal for brides who are looking for a contemporary look for their big day and would like complimentary jewellery.


aphrodite gold earrings
Aphrodite Gold Earrings
aphrodite gold pendant and earrings
Aphrodite Gold Pendant and Earrings
balmoral gold pendant
Balmoral Gold Pendant
balmoral gold earrings
Balmoral Gold Earrings
balmoral gold pendant and earrings
Balmoral Gold Pendant and Earrings
belmont gold pendant
Belmont Gold Pendant
belmont gold earrings
Belmont Gold Earrings
belmont gold pendant and earrings
Belmont Gold Pendant and Earrings
long island gold pendant
Long Island Gold Pendant
long island gold earrings
Long Island Gold Earrings
long island gold pendant and earrings
Long Island Gold Pendant and Earrings
montgomery gold pendant
Montgomery Gold Pendant
montgomery gold earrings
Montgomery Gold Earrings
montgomery gold pendant and earrings
Montgomery Gold Pendant and Earrings
moonstruck gold pendant
Moonstruck Gold Pendant
moonstruck gold earrings
Moonstruck Gold Earrings
moonstruck gold pendant and earrings
Moonstruck Gold Pendant and Earrings
pasadena gold pendant
Pasadena Gold Pendant
pasadena gold earrings
Pasadena Gold Earrings
pasadena gold pendant and earrings
Pasadena Gold Pendant and Earrings
sorbonne gold pendant
Sorbonne Gold Pendant
sorbonne gold earrings
Sorbonne Gold Earrings
sorbonne gold pendant and earrings
Sorbonne Gold Pendant and Earrings
belize gold bracelet
Belize Gold Bracelet
blossom gold bracelet
Blossom Gold Bracelet
elegance gold bracelet
Elegance Gold Bracelet
long island gold bracelet
Long Island Gold Bracelet
modena gold bracelet
Modena Gold Bracelet
promise gold bracelet
Promise Gold Bracelet