Autumn Weddings Guide


Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and becoming ever more popular for weddings as the idea of an Autumn theme can be so romantic and look amazing!  This season lends itself to some dramatic and wonderful colour schemes and unique touches for a rustic, stunning day to remember!  




EMBRACE THE AUTUMN VIBE Don’t be afraid to wholeheartedly take on the Autumn vibe as an entire theme for your wedding.  We’ve seen some amazing results when couples have been brave and gone the whole way.  Autumn offers inspiration for a palette of warm and gorgeous colours from shimmering bronze to russet reds to be used in your venue decoration to your flower choices and bridesmaids outfits.  



This is the time of year to avoid a bright white wedding dress and look at options from warm ivory, champagne, creamy golds and peachy blush for your bridal gown.  The warmer tones will compliment the feel of the rest of the day and look romantically, seasonally magical. Reflect the colours of the season in your floral displays and bouquets… be sure to make use of the beautiful Autumn leaves and foliage available at this time of year for a more rustic and unique look.  



GET BACK TO NATURE This is a great time of year for outside festivities.  There is often less rain in September through to November than June and July so don’t discount saying your vows in the open air ; either in a garden wedding, a botanical venue or even a woodland glade!  Best to pick a location with a beautiful outdoor spot, but also with a lovely indoor setting as a plan B if the weather is against you.  



If the ceremony and reception are outside its a great touch to provide a basket with warm blankets that your guests can grab if needed during the day and will lend a cosy and intimate feel to the day.  If outdoor weddings are not for you, then opt for a venue which reflects the rustic charm of Autumn styling such as a country house, barn or boho restaurant.  Try to bring the outdoors in with leafy floral displays in Autumnal tones.  This time of year is much better for firework displays than in Summer as you won’t have to wait for as long for darkness to come so guests of all ages can enjoy.  Some venues are also happy to provide fire pits on their patios where guests can toast marshmallows and warm up as night falls.



SEASONAL FEASTING Autumn months lend themselves to some fabulous possibilities with your wedding food and drink selections. Welcome cocktails can take on the feel of the season with bramble fruits added in early Autumn, or warm spiced punch creations closer to Halloween and firework night.  Be sure to pick all the best seasonal flavours in your meal or buffet; pork and apple, pigs in blankets, cheese and figs as well as pumpkin pie and toffee apples are just a few fab choices.  A hog roast is a great option instead of an evening buffet.  Guest will love that everything feels like an autumn extravaganza!

LOOK THE PART As well as choosing a warmer toned bridal gown and flowers, be careful selecting your accessories.  This is not the time of year for bright silver pieces.  It’s time to look the part by picking bronze or gold tiaras and hair decorations.  The pieces which feature hand enamelling are even better as the subtle effect is better at blending with the rustic flowers and palette of your day as the enamel takes the high shine off the metal but leaves a shimmering, softer tone.  



Be sure to select the pieces which feature elements inspired by nature such as leaves and floral motifs.  Look for pieces which include ivory or champagne pearls as this always compliments warmer gown shades.  Check if there are matching pieces…. many of our Autumnal headpieces have matching clips or combs designed for bridesmaids so the whole party can match.  If you are going for an Autumnal blush shade to your wedding gown then it’s time to look at Rose Gold accessories for your big day to perfectly finish your look.  Make sure that the jewellery you select matches metal setting of your tiara or hair accessory.  



Discover our selection of perfect picks for your Autumn wedding.  We’ve selected the headpieces and jewellery we feel work stunningly for brides and bridesmaids for the full Autumn vibe of the season. Click on the link or image below to browse our favourite Autumn picks. BROWSE OUR AUTUMN ACCESSORY PICKS