Bridesmaid Style & Gifting


So they’ve been with you all along… friends that have shared your wedding journey and are ready to be there for you on your big day…. and its key they know how important they are, so the jewellery or headpieces you choose for them needs to tick every box!





Be careful to pick pieces that as well as matching your complete look for the day, are also styles that they’ll be happy to wear.  Sometimes there can be such a thing as too much bling and some bridesmaids can end up feeling out of their comfort zone or like they’re playing dress up in styles which are ageing and a bit dated.  Accessories for weddings today don’t have to be overly traditional these days, they can be as modern as you like as there are no rules any more (your girls will thank you for it!).  Involve them as much as possible in the process and particularly with the selection of headpieces and clips so there are no upsets or arguments down the line. Aim for showing them pieces that you know will work well for your wedding theme but that you know they’ll love too!





By picking pieces of jewellery you know they’ll wear again and again after the day, you can combine shopping the look you need as well as giving amazing gifts to your bridesmaids.  Let them choose their hair accessories but keep the jewellery under wraps as a surprise to open on the morning of the wedding over a glass of fizz! Over the years to come they’ll have a fab reminder of your wedding every time they wear their gift.






Be sure to think about your bridesmaids style complimenting your look on the day.  Whether you go all out boho, regal, modern or vintage, the bridesmaids look should mirror and compliment your own style.  To help, we’ve presented matching items on each headpiece product page on this site called “Style it With” where we’ve shown bridesmaids items as well as jewellery and a veil we feel best match whichever bridal accessory has caught your eye.





So long as the bridesmaids look doesn’t clash with yours, there are no other hard and fast rules.  be ready to experiment and be open to all options.  In the same way that bridesmaids dresses no longer have to exactly match to look amazing all together, the same is true for bridesmaids accessories.  Hair clips and jewellery can all have the same feel or theme but be different for each girl to match each individual bridesmaids styling.  Make sure the pieces you buy are true to your girls personalities and you can’t go wrong.  be open to more modern pieces (particularly hoop or stylish long drop earrings) as they’ll love to wear these again.





Work out your budget for all you need.  Quality is definitely more important than quantity.  Better to get a pair of really beautiful earrings for each girl than a low quality necklace set which could end up making their whole outfit look cheap.  We know it can add up when buying for multiple bridesmaids, so to help use our code BRIDESMAIDS15 to get 15% off at the checkout when purchasing your pieces.





We’ve done all the hard work for you!  Click on the link below to discover our selection of the best bridesmaids hair accessories and jewellery to make for an easy bridesmaids buying experience…. Happy shopping!


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