Real Bride Inspiration

Every one of our Ivory & co brides is unique…and we love seeing how their amazing weddings look!  




We know it can be hard to know how to start planning a wedding… there are so many options for venue, theme, dress and styling…. it can sometimes be completely overwhelming!  If you’re starting to feel this way and need some real life inspiration then look no further…




Check out our REAL BRIDES GALLERY… where you can see how each bride has chosen to style their day from top to bottom.  Many brides find it more helpful to see real life examples of weddings rather than model photo shoots in magazines.  



You’ll be able to see how our brides have matched particular accessories to their bridal dress style and how jewellery and headpieces compliment their bridal flowers, bridesmaids outfits and their theme / venues for the day.  




Some have matched their headpiece and jewellery to the season of their wedding…..Like Rebecca who chose the ethereal bronze enamelled headband Grecian Dream and the gold Willow earrings which were perfect for her Autumn wedding.  



Whilst others have picked a particular theme or feel for their day…We love the fairytale styling that many Japanese brides choose…. the romantic and regal look is really popular in Japan and our most popular tiara chosen for weddings in Japan is our stunning Alexandra tiara.  



For some brides the headpiece they choose could not be more important as it has literally been the perfect finishing touch to their whole look… such as Georgina choosing the amazing Majestic headpiece fo her 20’s Gatsby inspired day…




Or the beautiful organic and fairytale styling of the Valkyrie tiara picked by Priya for her stunning castle wedding.  



There’s nothing like seeing how headpieces and jewellery looked within a wedding setting for real… so enjoy discovering their ideas and vision by browsing our gallery of Ivory & co brides to see how it’s done in style!  To make things easy, if you like the pieces chosen by a particular bride you’ll find a link at the base of their photos to take you to the relevant products.  



We are constantly in awe at the fab weddings of our brides… we hope you find their experiences helpful and inspiring! Click the link to discover our REAL BRIDES GALLERY