Gentle Diamonds

For most of our headpieces we love to use genuine Austrian cut crystal, but for our jewellery and some of our crown designs we need something with a little more sparkle!  This is where we love using simulated diamonds – sometimes called Gentle Diamonds because of their ethical and sustainable credentials.  So what are simulated diamonds and are they right for your wedding?

Why do we think simulated diamonds are the best?


  • Eco Friendly – they have none of the environmental consequences of mining actual diamonds as no land surfaces or eco systems are disturbed in their production, making them sustainable.


  • Ethically Sourced – these stones are conflict free – meaning that unlike some diamond mining there are no proceeds going to fund civil wars in source areas.  As they are hand made in lab conditions we ensure we work with partners engaged in fair pay, safe working conditions and no human rights abuses which can still be seen in some mining operations.


  • Flawless – unlike diamonds which can have natural inclusions of cloudiness and minor discolourations, simulated diamonds are flawless and sparklingly clear.


  • Price Point – simulated diamonds are a wonderfully affordable option as they cost significantly less than real diamonds due to shorter supply chains (diamonds can change hands up to 12 times from mine to retail) so you can have all the sparkle without the price tag!

What are Simulated Diamonds?


So not all simulated diamonds are the same materials or quality.  We pride ourselves in sourcing and using the best simulated diamonds we can.


  • Zirconia Crystal  – we use lab created simulated diamonds which are naturally colourless and comparable to a C – D grade natural diamond.  They share some of the same characteristics as diamonds and can be just as beautiful.


  • Production  – Our stones are created artificially by heating finely powdered zirconia crystal and allowing to cool before cutting.  The better quality of powder the more they look like the real thing.


  • Quality  – our simulated diamonds are rated Triple AAA grade meaning they are high quality with clear sparkle and authenticity.


  • Cutting  – not all stones are cut with the same expertise.  Ours are cut with fine patterns and definition to give the best brilliance and fire.