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Information for Retailers

If you are an established bridal boutique or planning to open a new bridal business and are interested in carrying the Ivory & co label we would be happy to help.

We pride ourselves in being a little bit different than the average bridal label ; We’ve grown to be a global brand over 30 years, supplying nearly 2000 boutiques all over the world. We have spent this time listening to bridal stores and know the things that are important to you and intrinsic to a perfect working relationship.

* We offer a selection of more than 500 designs of headpieces and jewellery meaning a huge choice for every taste making it easy to select the pieces that are right for your customers.

* We hold large stock levels so we can implement fast and efficient deliveries.

* The designs cover a wide range of price points so there is something for every customer, whether their budget is big or small.

* We have decades of experience of working with retailers in the U.K. and globally, so we can answer the most complex questions regarding shipping, design, materials etc…

* We don’t believe in minimum order restrictions – you can order as little or as much as you need in a delivery making it easy if you need to order a piece for a customer or restock just a few items without having to make up a minimum order quantity.

* We offer design innovation and quality assurance as our pieces are made in the highest quality raw materials, are made by skilled craftspeople and undergo the most rigorous quality control process.

We are a really friendly company to work with and provide great customer service. As we are proud to represent the best in British design Sarah and Alex can usually be found in their design studio, and both of them or the hard working team around them are always at the other end of the phone to offer advice, answer queries and assist with orders.

You are also welcome to visit our huge trade showroom in Worcestershire where you can view the whole collection. Here you can select the perfect pieces for your store and enjoy a glass of bubbly while your order is packed for you to take away.

We fully support all of our stockists by constantly working on creating a high profile for the brand with significant investment in photography and creative campaigns, as well as constant coverage on social media. As soon as you become a stockist you get access to our image library to make it easy to add designs to your website or to engage with brides on social platforms.

For further information or to book an appointment call our friendly team on 01684 592030.