Journey of a Design

Extensive work goes into our many accessory pieces before they hit the stores to make sure they are perfect for you. There is a long journey for each design from the very first seed of the idea right through to the finished production. Here is an insight into the full process.

Design and Sketch

Sarah and Alex tend to be designing all the time. Whether in their countryside design studio or working away when they carry sketchbooks on them, they’ll discuss new ideas and sketch down the basics of shape and texture before the image ebbs away. Inspiration can come from anywhere ; they can draw from colours and textures of landscapes and nature, through to cultural inspiration whilst travelling or designs can spring from a practical idea of how to design a better working clasp or finer chains to allow for more comfort. Ideas are sketched from basic concepts and developed through to a finished version that both designers are happy with including what finish the metal should have and how the stones should be cut.


Before a design can be put into production it has to go through a sampling process. This is where a prototype of the design is produced from a concept mould. This allows the team to see a finished piece to evaluate if the design works in terms of the look of the piece (do the shapes, crystals and precious metals compliment each other and look amazing) and on a practical level (to make sure the piece is comfortable and without issue – for example if a necklace lies flat against the skin without rolling etc…). Sometimes we make 3 or 4 versions of the same design so the team can compare similar pieces and select their favourite.


Once a design has passed the sampling stage it can be put into a full production. This means making actual items for customers, but not on mass production lines. Instead we make everything in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. Everything is made by hand using the same traditional methods of molding and stone setting that were used hundreds of years ago.