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Botanica Gold Pastel Enamelled Floral Clip




Botanica is one of the most sought after hair clips this season as it is so pretty and with a fabulously unique look. Solitaire cut crystals are set in gorgeous champagne gold enamelled petals and pale green gold enamelled leaves with intertwined opalescent beads and blush pearls in trailing vines. Perfect for any bride wanting a stunning look for their big day and ideally suited to bohemian or beach destination weddings. Plated in 14ct Gold and measuring 16cm at the longest point. Set with genuine Austrian Crystals cut to look like real diamonds, opaque faceted beads as well as real Freshwater Pearls and pastel enamelled elements. Each item comes beautifully packaged in our luxury designer boxes to keep it looking it’s best.

Made with love . . .

Each and every one of our designs is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the traditional way with all stones and elements hand picked and set. Our company ethos includes ensuring ethical workplace practises, working to make bridal supply chains more responsible.

Used to create this design...

14k Gold Plating

The earliest crowns and jewellery in history were made with gold.  We continue this tradition using real 14k gold plating on many of our tiaras, accessories and jewllery designs.  We use a special belnd of real gold with a tiny percentage of silver to create our signature " Champagne Gold" tone which stops it lookinng too brassy (orange toned). 

Pastel Enamel Work

We use the ancient art of enamelling in many of our accessories, especially those featuring flowers and leaves for added depth and artistry.  Opaque, plae pastel enamel fondant is hand painted onto each precious metal element to create a matt or satin effect instead of a high shine metal finish in colours such as mint green or palest pink.  This helps to create a more delicate final appearance.  All enamelling is done by hand using traditional methods.

Austrian Cut Crystals

Austria leads the world in the production of precision-cut crystals.  They are made using a mixture of quartz sand and natural minerals and are cut with sophisticated machinery to ensure the highest shine and sparkle. These are cut with facets to sparkle like a real diamond. Traditonally crystals have been cut to imitate diamonds since the 18th century and the productions methods today are highly skilled for a flawless final finish.

Blush Opaque Cut Beads

Stunning faceted beads made with an opaque appearance in the palest sutble pink.  These are unique and give a fairytale look to the accessories which feature them. The satin finish is modern and often chosen by brides to match a blush bridal gown or boho styling.

Blush Freshwater Pearls

These beautiful blush pink freshwater pearls are real cultured pearls and the sutble colour is a naturally occuring colour and not dyed.  The colour of the pearl is influenced by the colour of the shell's lip and the iridescence inside the shell.  Natural pink pearls represent romance and good fortune. They are produced as a sustainable practice where the oysters are not harmed. 

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