Production & Quality

So how does you stunning tiara or piece of jewellery get created?  Everything you need to know about the methods and materials used as well as the quality you can expect from your Ivory & co. design can be found here.

Production Methods


Over the years the team has travelled far and wide to connect with skilled crafts people to create our gorgeous designs. We are lucky to work in partnership with such talented people.


All of the crafts people we partner with have extensive skills and long experience working with precious metals and finishing to the highest standard.


Pieces are forged in the traditional way using moulds and are worked on by hand. We still use traditional methods that were developed hundreds of years ago to make the crowns and jewels for royal households in Europe and Russia.

Materials & Small Batches


We only use the highest quality materials.  All our precious metals, stones and pearls are ethically sourced and luxury grade.  The zirconia crystals we use are also known as lab grown diamonds. To learn more click on Gentle Diamonds.


All of the stones and pearls are hand set and the pieces hand finished in an array of artisan styles depending on the design, for example a high shine finish or hand enamelling. The reason we make in small batches is this allows the same craftsmen to work on each quantity ensuring the same quality and finishing across the whole batch.

Quantity Guarantee


Quality of our whole range is so important to us. Every piece undergoes a double control process to make sure that it is of the highest quality. It is first checked after production by a quality assurance team. It is then checked again by an experienced team in a quality control studio at our design headquarters. It is here that each piece is carefully studied to make sure there are no stone blemishes and the piece is not defective in any way. Each clasp is checked, every chain is checked and only when we are completely happy with a piece is it packaged in our beautiful signature boxes and ready to send to brides or our stockists.


We put all of our passion and love into this journey so our designs are the best they can be. We hope you love the Ivory & co. collections as much as we do.